Melbourne on my mind

Reading The Fat Kid Inside's post made me miss the Land Down Under. Let me share the top 2 treats I'm craving for right now.

 Belgian Chocolate waffles with vanilla ice cream from Theobroma.

This was mind blowing! My aunt warned me, "Para siyang drugs, ok!". And she was absolutely right. After just a few glorious bites, I felt like I was having an out of body experience. I was on a sugar high like I've never been high before! It changed me. Haha! 

I had 3 of these during my entire 6 week stay in Melbourne. I loved going to the cafe too. Because one, it was at the Southern Cross Station, which for me is the prettiest station in Melbourne (Flinders comes next on the list), and second, it was located at the DFO which means shopping time!

Sticky toffee pudding from Miss Marples.

On both my trips to Melbourne, the family would drive up the Dandenong ranges to this quiant English tea house in Sassafras (I love cute, weird-sounding names of places in Oz!). We'd order salmon finger sandwiches and pot pies, but I what I always looked forward to was dessert. I've never had a sticky toffee pudding as delicious as this!

Oooh, if only I can experience Christmas in July this year.

Too bad I can't make ask the family to bring some since they're coming over to Manila a few weeks. I guess I'll just have to whip them up myself. Hmmm! That will be a challenge.

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