Beef Toppings with Egg

Dug up this photo of Beef Toppings with Egg, a specialty from the Thai canteen we used to frequent back in our old college campus. The old Thai woman who owned the canteen was lovingly called "Mommy" by all her loyal customers. Back then, I used to write for a national newspaper so I wrote an article about her once. Since her canteen changed locations and moved a few meters down the road, people who were missing her and didn't know where she transferred flocked to Thai Canteen with hungry appetites for their favorite dishes. Beef Toppings with spoonfuls of special vinegar. Mixed Toppings (squid, chicken, beef all in one plate). Tom Yum. Everything was so affordable and deliciously good. After that, she would always give us free meals and would give in to my special requests every time. Egg on my Beef Toppings, please!

Thai Canteen at the UP Campus closed down after a few years, but through my magical powers (haha!) I was able to track her down again. In an entirely different city this time. We entered her new restaurant and called out "Mommy!!!" excitedly. She didn't remember our names, but her smile and her delicious dishes were more than enough. I ordered Beef Toppings with Egg. The waitress said they didn't serve it, but Mommy quickly went into the kitchen to whip me up a plateful.

Our college barkada held a reunion there and we sat on a long table to enjoy plates and plates Mommy's best dishes. It was a night filled with laughter, memories, and belly rubs :)

Sadly, the resto closed down again. And this time, I'm out of leads. Mommy is nowhere to be found :( So until we track her down again, I can only dream about this glorious plate of Beef Toppings with Egg. A drizzle of special vinegar, a sip of cold Cola, a bowl of Tom Yum soup help make up the perfect meal that bring me right back to my carefree college days.

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