Thai Beef Curry

Last night, I was craving for something spicy for dinner so I whipped up a pot of Green Curry. Rich and tasty, I must say it's better than what other Thai restaurants in Manila offer. No joke! I cook the beef in a pressure cooker for hours to make it soft and tender. The green curry coconut sauce is absolutely delicious.

To make some yourself, you'll need a little bit of:
beef, cooked in pressure cooker until super tender
about 2 tbsps Thai green curry paste (available at the supermarket)
kafir lime leaf
coconut cream
fish sauce
egg plants, cut into 2 inch pieces

Cook beef until tender. (If you're using a pressure cooker, this will only take 40 mins to 1 hr). Set aside.
Fry the garlic, kafir lime leaf, chili and green curry paste together. Add beef along with beef stock.
Add eggplant, sugar, coconut cream, and fish paste to taste. Adjust til you find the right balance.
Add torn basil and serve hot with a cup of rice.

You can add more veggies like green beans, baby corn to add more texture and flavor to the dish.


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