Lamb + couscous with yellow squash, spinach and cherry tomatoes

This dish came into being because of an expensive piece of yellow squash.

I was on my weekly vegetable run at the Salcedo Market and after going to my suki organic vegetable stall, I spotted a bunch of glorious looking yellow squash at the veggie area. Picked up one, along with some asparagus and broccoli, and lo and behold, my bill came out to P320! That's about $7! For just 3 types of veggies, that's super expensive for Manila standards. Juskoday! Lesson of the day: #magingloyalkasisasuki (translation: be loyal to your fave merchant)

So to make up for my "expensive mistake", I whipped up a yummy plate of lamb with yellow zucchini and spinach couscous.

Well, this is still WAY cheaper than eating out in a restaurant. Bow.

To make some yourself, you'll need a little bit of:
olive oil
cherry tomatoes
yellow squash

Cook the lamb in a little bit of olive oil. Season to taste. Set aside. 
To cook the couscous, fry garlic and onions in olive oil. Add butter and add the couscous. Add the water and let boil. Add the vegetables and then cover with a lid and leave for about 10 mins. Fluff the couscous before serving. Add tomatoes, and sprinkle with basil and lemon zest. Add a squeeze of lemon if you like ;p

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