Thai Beef Stir Fry

The first time I tasted this Thai dish was at a food court in an office building in Makati. I thought "This is yummy. I can cook this!" And I've been cooking this since then.

To make some your self, you'll need a little bit of:
beef, tenderloin tips
green beans (I used organic french beans for this dish)
red bell pepper, cut into strips
eggplants, cut into 1 inch pieces
basil, torn
kafir lime leaf, an herb always used in making Thai food
oyster sauce
soy sauce
ginger, cut into small strips
salt and pepper

Fry garlic in oil. Add beef, ginger, salt and pepper. Once cooked, add oyster sauce, soy sauce. Add sugar to taste and add the kafir lime leaf and vegetables. Let simmer for a few minutes. Then add torn basil and serve hot with a cup of rice.

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