Because of the wet and cold weather we've been having in Manila, I decided to make some bulalo (beef shank soup). I think it's quite easy to make, especially if you have a pressure cooker. (Oh yes, I do love my pressure cooker dearly!)

To make some bulalo, you'll need some:
beef shanks with the bone marrow intact (the most important part!)
potatoes, cut into quarters
pechay (chinese cabbage)
garlic, smashed
onions, diced (I used about 3 big onions, as I find that it makes the soup more flavorful)
fish sauce
olive oil

Pour a bit of olive oil into the pressure cooker (or pot). Saute some onions and garlic and once soft, add the beef and brown on all sides. Add water and let boil. Add salt and pepper. Then seal the pressure cooker, and let it cook for about an hour.

Check if the beef is up to your standards. What I do is I turn off the heat then release the pressure. After a few minutes, I open the lid and check if the beef is already falling apart. At this point, I get a ladle to skim off the scum floating in the soup, and scrape the sides of the pot as well. If the beef hasn't reached the texture I want, I usually put more water, add fish sauce and adjust the seasoning and pressurize it for about 30-40 minutes more. 

Again, I turn off the heat, release the pressure to check the soup. Once the meat done, I add the potatoes and let it cook for about 10 minutes, then after turning off the heat, I add the pechay and cover the pot for a few minutes more.

We usually enjoy bulalo with a small sauce bowl of fishsauce, a squeeze of calamansi and bird's eye chili so we can tweak the flavor to suit our personal palate even more. 

A perfect spoonful would have some beef, a small piece of potatoes and pechay, some rice, delicious pieve of bone marrow intermingling with the soup and fishsauce mixture.Yum!

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