Caprese Salad with Black Tomatoes

Bought black tomatoes from the Ifugao booth selling "Cosmic Farm" produce at the Legazpi Market last weekend. (Love that name, Cosmic Farm! LOL)

The tomatoes aren’t really black. But that's what the variety is called. The skin color come in a variety of shades of purple, pink and green. The flesh part of the vegetable is green, with countless bright green seeds.

I find the flavor to be less intense and less acidic than red tomatoes. Though small in size (bigger than a cherry tomato but smaller than a regular ones), it’s extra meaty and juicy. I like it! That means a lot coming from a person who used to raid the refrigerator to eat raw tomatoes at 2 years old. LOL

To make this caprese salad, you'll need:
black tomatoes, sliced in half (you can use regular ones, of course)
olive oil
fresh mozzarella (I used mozzeralini purchased at the Rizal Farms booth at Salcedo Market)

Simply slice the tomatoes the mozzarella in half and place in a bowl. Drizzle some olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Chiffonade some basil and sprinkle the leaves on top.

Just like that you have a light, healthy and refreshing salad. I had this for lunch. This would go great as a side dish for a steak or a burger too!

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