Steamed Crabs

 I decided to buy some crabs last Saturday. It cost about P700 (~$15) for a kilo+ of crab. I bought them at the "wet market" stall of Salcedo Market this time. I bought the crabs live and very angry!

There was another Seafood seller at the market, the family from Negros who I normally buy giant prawns from. But to be honest, their crabs scared the hell out of me. They were big, black, with beady little eyes that seemed to look at me and say, "I'm gonna snap your fingers off, bitch!" So I went for the smaller, less expensive and less menacing crabs from the other booth.

Upon returning home, I knew that I had to clean them first before steaming them live. Then the horrifying thought dawned on me: how the hell am I going to scrub them scary creatures clean??? There was already some action going on inside the plastic bag where the seafood sellers stuffed the crabs. I could hear the plastic rustling and moving as the crabs spiny legs pushed back.

So I did the best thing I could: wake up Mike so he could do it for me. Hehe!

So after a bit of wrestling with the crabs, with the help of a kitchen thong and a toothbrush. We decided to kill the crabs in the hot steam first so we could scrub the creatures better. That worked! Haha!

After much cleaning, we steamed them again for about 15 minutes until the shells were bright orange. Then we had to crack them with  hammer (we don't have crab crackers yet LOL) and dissect the crab to get the white meat. We enjoyed it with a cup of hot rice and plenty of vinegar. Plain and simple.

Crab heads. Crab legs. Crab claws. Everything fell apart when I took them out of the steamer!
I tell you, unless they're just crab claws, I don't see myself cooking crab again!

To make this yourself, you'll need:
crabs, cleaned (Good luck!)

Bring the water to a boil. Add salt, vinegar and crushed garlic. Place the steaming tray in the pot and place the live crabs inside. Cover immediately lest the crabs escape! Steam for about 15 minutes until the shells are bright orange.

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