This is a typical breakfast we'd have at our family home. Fried rice with chaosansi, a Chinese "canned good" (LOL!) of bamboo shoots, pork bits, chilis. I don't know when we started eating this. Probably when my dad came home from China where he worked as a teacher in an international school.

Chaosansi can be bought at some groceries. It's usually in the canned goods sections along with beans, chilis, and canned veggies. Chaosansi is great for lunch or dinner too! Haha! When our yaya is too tired to come up with dinner, she'd open a can of chaosansi, add it to cooked rice and my brothers and I would be happy campers.

To make this yourself, simply open the can and fry the contents along with some garlic and whatever meat you have left in the ref. I used beef for this one. I usually put mushrooms too, but we didn't have any in the pantry. You can also add egg and onions to add texture and sprinkle cayenne pepper to add flavor to the fried rice.

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