Honey Hickory Baby Back Ribs

My brothers were bragging about how my dad brought them to Friday's and they had the best baby back ribs they've had in their life. Ribs that fell off the bone and coated with delicious Jack Daniels barbecue sauce.

Since I was unfortunately sick and stuck in bed that fateful day, I wasn't about to taste those awesome ribs. But I was confident that I could create a great version that could stand on it's own. To hell with expensive ribs from Fridays! 

To make this your self, you'll need:
slabs of pork, baby back ribs
barbecue sauce- I used Hunt's Honey Hickory Sauce
tomato ketchup
hot sauce
salt and pepper
apple cider vinegar
worcestershire sauce
soy sauce

Sure, you can just buy a bottle of barbecue sauce, marinate the ribs, and stuff it into an oven til the meat fall off the bones. But I added to more ingredients to the recipe to make the sauce even yummier. 

Pour the sauce into a bowl, then add all the ingredients listed and mix together. Taste it to see if you like it. If not, keep on adding ingredients and tweaking the flavors until it a the perfect spot. 

It's best to marinate the pork in this mixture overnight, but I've tried "speed oven-ing" 2 racks of baby back ribs in less than an hour and it tasted perfectly fine!

Place the ribs in deep oven-proof dishes, cover with foil and place it in an oven pre-heated to 200 degrees. Let it cook for about 40-60 minutes, lowering the temperature 20 minutes in.

Take the ribs out of the oven, take off the foil and flip the ribs over. Makes sure that there's a lot of liquid for the ribs to cook in. If it dried out too much, then add more barbecue sauce. Cover again with the foil and bake for another 40-60 minutes.

Transfer the ribs into a serving platter drizzled with an incredible amount of luscious sauce. Best served with creamy mashed potatoes. Yum!

You'd want ribs that are yummy, soft, and falling off the bone. This isn't a dish you'd even consider cooking if you've only had a measly sandwich for lunch. This needs time and patience (with properly planned midday snacking strategically penciled in to your schedule!), but I tell you, the end result is so lip-smackingly good you'd want to punch yourself for not cooking more.

There's a scene in Scrubs that has always made my brothers and I laugh so hard and this post needs make mention that. It was Carla's baby shower and the hospital choir started humming a melody then went on to sing "I want my baby back, baby back, baby back. I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs. Chilliiiiiiiiiiii's! Baby back ribs!" LOL  You can watch the vid here, I'm sure you'll find that funnier than my stupid explanation. LOL

Edit: Ate at Friday's with my dad and brothers and we had platters of baby back ribs. I just need to make a reduction of Jack Daniel's and barbecue sauce to recreate the meal at home.

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