Black Pepper Crab... Claws!

With my dad visiting and our 8 year-old laptop suddenly dying on me, I totally forgot to post about these black pepper crabs!

I organized a Seafood Saturday with my dad and brothers. Bought 2 kilos of prawns, a kilo of clams, and a kilo of crab claws. If you had read this post, you know that I have sworn off cooking whole live crabs again. We'll have to see when I'll break that promise!

For this lunch, Mike suggested I make black pepper crabs. We had dinner at a Tao Yuan in Manila a few days before with his officemates, and even after devouring giant (GIANT!) crabs, we were still hungry for more. (Each crab cost around 2k! Good thing their boss gave budget for dinner!)

My suki seafood vendor at the Salcedo Market were sure to have crab claws, so I bought some to make an affordable version of the dish we were lusting after.

To make this yourself, you'll need:
crab claws (or crab!)
black pepper sauce- available at Rustan's
olive oil

Clean crab claws. Crack open to expose the meat. (So the sauce can seep in!)

Saute garlic in olive oil. Add dollops of black pepper sauce. (I added a tiny splash of soy sauce and more salt and pepper to the sauce to adjust the flavors even more.) Add the cracked crab claws and add a bit of water it you want to make the sauce a bit runny. Cover with a lid and cook until the shells turn orange.

Serve with white rice and your favorite sawsawan (dipping sauce)! I like to eat my crab meal dunked in vinegar with salt, garlic and a small chili. Yum!

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