Monroe Bread goodness!

That piece of bread over there is the best bread in Manila!

It's called the Monroe bread. It's soft, flaky and fluffy in the inside and nice and buttery on the outside. It's like a croissant actually! You can buy it only at Jipan, a Japanese bakery in Glorietta that's been open since the 90's.  A small loaf costs about P100, but it is so worth it I tell you!

My dad use to tutor one of the owner's kids, so he'd always bring back loaves for us to enjoy at home. Yumyumyum!

I try not to eat more than 3 slices in one sitting! But it is just soooooooo good! I enjoy it plain. But for breakfast, I fried an egg and added a slice of Canadian ham from Santi's and we enjoyed a great, simple meal! All that was missing was a mimosa! Haha!

Monroe bread makes me happy! Yes, sir!

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