Tortang Talong

Apparently, Tortang Talong means "battered eggplant". Well, I battered this eggplant pretty bad.

This is one of my favorite breakfasts. I wanted to try making this for Mike, so when I woke up a few days after the storm, I got some candles and lit them on the balcony to attempt burning the eggplant's skin off. HAHAHAHAHAH! Fail. Lesson learned: Candles cannot burn off eggplant skin.

I turned on the electric oven instead, put it on the highest setting, placed the grills near the heat source and placed the eggplant on top. Didn't burn the skin off too, but it was good enough. Placed the hot eggplant on a plate and sealed it with cling wrap. Some minutes later, I was able to peel the skin off. The eggplant wasn't as gooey as it would have been should we have had an open flame but I mashed it down good enough.

I heated some olive oil in the frying pan, placed the eggplant and mashed up bits, added the cooked ground beef (with carrots and onions) that I had stored in the fridge and added whipped eggs. The result was a messy tortang talong, but it was still yummy.

Enjoyed this with rice and tomato ketchup. Yum!

Ingredients you'll need:
garlic and onions
ground beef
salt and pepper

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