Black sesame goodness

Scored a bottle of Senkintan Black Sesame spread at City Super in Hong Kong. Going to the grocery was really on top of my to-do list for our trip. I love grocery shopping! I get a rush walking through the aisles looking for items that look enticing enough to try. Whatever country I'm in, I need to go to the grocery! I hope we get more wholefood groceries here in Manila!

This spread is actually from Japan (haha!) but I've never seen it in stores in Manila. Whenever available, I buy mochi balls on sticks covered with black sesame sauce at Chotostop in Little Tokyo, Makati. So I was thinking about that yummy treat when I grabbed this bottle from the City Super shelf. As a bonus, the marketing material boasted that black sesame is a poweful anti-oxidant and that it delays aging and boosts recovery from illness. Aba!

For today's snack, I spread a big knifeful on top of whole wheat crackers. Though I bought the honey variant, the spread itself isn't so sweet so I drizzled more honey over it. Yum yum yum!

Will ask my dad to bring home some from Japan next year!

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