Roasted Garlic

For complimentary appetizers, my favorite restaurant, Chelsea, serves roasted garlic and foccacia. Yum!

Right from the start, my friends and I said that this was so easy to do. So when I finally got an oven, this is one of the firsts things I popped right in there!

You simply need to peel most of the outer layer off the garlic head, place in a baking dish, and pour olive oil all over it. Until the garlic heads are about completely submerged (yes, that's a lot of olive oil, so best use a small container and compress the garlic in there). Cover with foil. Set the oven on low, then leave the garlic to roast for about 2 to 3 hours until the garlic is super soft.

I've tried doing the rush version but the garlic popped and spewed garlic bits all over the oven! Ugh. After that, I'd always place foil to seal it.

Serve with yummy bread and you have a great appetizer your guests can nibble on while you finish cooking dinner!

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