Korean Beef Stew

KIMCHI was one of my favorite food spots growing up. They had a variety of branches in the main shopping malls all over the city. I didn't mind eating in the food court because the Korean Beef Stew was so good.

Beef short ribs is usually used for this dish. I used flank steak instead. I have this habit of buying a kilo of beef and throwing them into the pressure cooker so I can make a variety of dishes throughout the week.

This stash could have been nilagang baka or sinigang. But I suddenly got a craving for something saucy and spicy.

To make this, you'll need:
beef- I used flank steak
sesame oil
soy sauce
cayenne pepper
brown sugar
bean sprouts

To tenderize the meat, I cooked it in the pressure cooker for about an hour.

Fry some onions and garlic in sesame oil. Add the bean sprouts and heat them up for a bit. Set aside.

Using same pan, add more sesame oil then add the beef and soy sauce. Sprinkle some cayenne pepper and sugar. Thin the sauce for a bit by adding water and a squeeze of lemon.  Keep on tasting the sauce until you get the flavor you like.

You can top this off with spring onion.

For this meal, I made kimchi rice which is so easy to do. Just mix chopped kimchi and rice then sprinkle with salt. You can make more side dishes to make this more elaborate Korean meal. Right now I'm craving for those omelettes, more kimchi, radishes, and spicy greens!

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