Creamy Mango Delight

I contribute to the DIY section of, the online portal of the teen magazine I've been contributing to for years. Candy girl forevah!

As preparation for December, I suggested that we publish food DIY's of dishes that the kids can make for the holidays. Something that can serve as their contribution to the family's Noche Buena feast. And something that won't go over a P500 budget.

The first dish is an icebox pie- a mango cream pie! (click the link for the recipe)

This is actually something that our yaya would always make at home. The steps are so simple, but the result is absolutely delish!

This pie is one reason why I'm not so keen on eating "cakes" at a certain dessert shop here in Manila. (It's a no bake cake for crying out loud!) For the amount I'm supposed to shell out for a slice of frozen pie, I can already buy ingredients for something that would have whole family craving for another round of dessert! Well, that's just the opinion of a kuripot at maabilidad food lover's opinion :)

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