Bisteksilog with Garlic Kangkong

Filipinos love silogs, the quintessential Pinoy breakfast! I, for one, am a huge fan! Si stands for sinangag (fried rice), Log for itlog (egg). You can add whatever viand you like thus Cornedbeefsilog, Spamsilog, Tapsilog (tapa), Baconsilog, Hotdogsilog and so on. 

For this dish, I decided to make one of my favorite Filipino dishes, Bistek, as the main viand. Yes, it's a colloquial term for beef steak. It's basically a thin slice of tenderized meat served with a soy-citrus sauce and onion rings.
For added nutrition, I decided to throw in another favorite of mine, garlic kangkong, into the mix. (My favorite is from Tapa King that I just cannot figure out how to make! The kangkong is served still green and crunchy- which is probably because of some light blanching. And the sauce is the right combination of garlic and soy sauce and whatever secret ingredient they have. Vetsin perhaps? Eep!)

And so here we have a complete Filipino breakfast meal!

One of my favorite bisteks is from this canteen near our highschool. It was called Tiks (well, that's what the kids called it) and it was where the boys would hang out and smoke after school. They served other dishes, but the Bistek was truly delicious and memorable! The beef was tender, the onion rings crunchy, and the sauce was the perfect balance of salty and sweet. That's what I always have in mind whenever I'm cooking up a batch of Bistek.

To make this, you'll need:
Filipino beef steak- or you can just buy steak, sliced thinly then tenderize it (meaning, whack it hard with the dull side of your knife)
calamansi- Philippine lime
onion slices
soy sauce
salt and pepper
kangkong- swamp cabbage or river spinach
garlic, chopped
cooked rice

Marinate the beef overnight in a mixture of soy sauce, calamansi juice and black pepper.

First, you'll need to make garlic fried rice.
Simply saute chopped garlic in a bit of oil. Before it turns too brown, add cooked white rice. It's better to use cold cooked rice since the grain won't stick to each other too much. The garlic and oil will be distributed better. Season with salt and pepper then set aside.

Prepare the kangkong by washing it thoroughly in water sprinkled with a bit of salt. Cut into 2-inch pieces. Heat oil in a pan then add chopped garlic. Add the kangkong then saute just until the leaves wilt a bit. Do not overcook. Set aside.

To make the bistek, heat oil in a pan then add chopped garlic. Add the beef and sear on both sides. Add the soy sauce and calamansi mixture then season with salt and pepper. You can also add sugar and a bit of water. Quickly add the onion rings. 

Fry up an egg and your bisteksilog is complete!

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