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Bacon is THE reason why I will never be a vegetarian. I'm not crazy enough to deprive myself of this glorious piece of pork! We all know it's not the healthiest of food items out there, but take one bite and you just can't stop yourself from popping a couple of strips more into your eager, waiting mouth. (Can I get a hell yeah? Hell yeah!)

A few days ago, I was able to finally get my hands on the best bacon I've ever had in my whole life! A highschool classmate, Marty Adriano, was crazy enough to home smoke bacon. I knew that he was a bit crazy (and hella funny!) back then. Now, I'm convinced that he's mad!
Mad Meats is Marty's baby! (Side note: His real baby is a cute little guy with crazy hair and mischievous eyes. I'm pretty sure he got his dad's wackiness!) He cures and smokes slabs of pork in his backyard in Cubao. He took up a culinary course in college, but it looks like he has found his calling specifically for producing great bacon!

The skin actually turns into a thin strip of chicharon! *droooooool*

Some like their bacon crispy. Some like it soft. I like it to be a little bit of both!

I ordered the pork belly bacon. It costs P800/kilo. Yeah, this isn't your supermarket variety. But look just look at my photos here and you'll see why.

I'm totally mad about Mad Meats! I loved how it had a delicious smokey flavor. The bacon is sliced thicker than normal so when you fry it, you get caramelized toasted edges, soft succulent fat, hearty smokey meat and a chicharon strip all at the same time.

For breakfast, I made baconsilog. The best I've had so far. (Read about another silog dish here)

I'm thinking of ordering even thicker slices next time. That way, I don't need to head on to Mr. Jones and shell out P350 just to enjoy my favorite 1/2 inch Double Smoked Bacon and Eggs. (Do the math. P800 for 1 kilo or P350 for 2 slices of bacon?)

The bacon I bought was apparently smoked with Caimito and Mango wood. How interesting! Visions of a bonfire race through my head every time I open the refrigerator door. The smokiness of the bacon really is intense.

I'm still on a bacon high! And I have a few recipes I want to try out using Mad Meats bacon.

To get your own bacon fix, you can get in touch with Mad Meats through their Facebook page or you can call 09178987805. I swear you won't regret it!

Marty Adriano can also create food packages for events. Give him a call to inquire about what yummy dishes he can come up with. It's up to you if you want them to be bacon-based or not!

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