Cheese Platter

In this week's post for's DIY section, I teach teens how to make a simple but delectable cheese platter perfect for holiday parties.

All the ingredients can easily be bought at the supermarket. You can make a simple platter for just P500!

I love cheese! My friend, Steph, was the one who got me hooked on yummy cheese. She gave me a taste of the finer things in life :) Before that, the only cheese I knew of was the frighteningly yellow ones from the supermarket that came wrapped in tin foil!

Now, I'm comfortable shelling out a few bucks more to enjoy cheese that is way better that the overly processed ones!

If you're craving for something more posh for your own Christmas cheese platter, you can head on to Santi's or Brera. I've bought Brie for as low as P200 for 100 grams. It was delish! While you're there, why don't you get a couple of types of salami as well. And how about some olives, blue cheese, feta? Or perhaps melon slices, prosciutto and truffle honey? Mmmmm!

To get the basic idea, read about how to create a cheese platter here. If the teens can do it, so can you!

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