Garlic Arugula Iberico Ham Pasta

Here's another quick dish with minimal ingredients and quick prep time.

To compensate for all the wonderful bacon we've been indulging in here at home, I wanted to eat something light and relatively healthy for a change. (Fine, the Iberico Ham doesn't really count as "healthy food" but I ate a lot of my fave veg, okay!)
When I saw a bunch of arugula at the grocery and knew that it would provide the nutritional boost I needed. Green leafy veg= rich source of vitamins and minerals! Yay me!

The somewhat bitter and peppery taste of arugula is a huge turn off for a lot of people. But I super love it!

I enjoy arugula as pesto (I make my own! Check the post here). I love it piled on top of pizza (duck confit and mushroom pizza at Chelsea to be exact). I love it tossed with a honey balsamic dressing with grilled octopus and blue cheese (Roka Salata at Cyma). So it really doesn't bother me that arugula is bitter and tastes like weed (as my mom says). It's one of my favorite vegetables!

For the meat component of this dish, I used Iberico Ham, a present from S who recently went on a European sojourn. (Thanks for the goodies, S!) I learned that it's easier to eat vegetables if you pair it with seasoned meat and cheese :) Just a tip for people who are trying to consume more vegetables now!

To make this, you'll need:
jamon iberico- you can use salami, prosciutto, etc.
cheese- I used cheddar because that what was in the ref. I imagine this would be great with blue cheese, Brie, or Feta as well.
salt and pepper
olive oil

Boil pasta in salted water. In a separate pan, saute some garlic in olive oil. Turn off the heat, then add the cooked pasta, iberico jam, and torn arugula. Sprinkle cheese over pasta, then season with pepper.

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