Bailey's Chocolate Cake

Merry Christmas! What yummy food have you been enjoying?

A couple of weeks ago, at a get-together of our college barkada, we ate slices and slices of delicious Bailey's cake from Chocolat (not Xocolat). It was absolutely divine!

I guess a normal person would just call the shop up and place an order. But crazy me decided to bake it myself instead.

For the cake, I followed this recipe. The cake was moist and delicious. Valeria's post has a sweet ending too :)

I call the chocolate frosting- the Pantry Purge Ganache. Haha! I basically used a cocoa mix that's been sitting there for ages (don't worry, it doesn't expire til mid-2012) and I just couldn't drink as is. I boiled the cocoa in water, added marshmallow and chocolates (pantry finds!), butter, Bailey's (about 3 shots), and cooked it down until it was thick and gooey. It took me longer than I expected and got much needed arm exercise for a couple of hours. But the result was 3 delicious cakes to be enjoyed by family and friends.

I put a honey graham layer because I was planning on making a s'more layer but I ran out of time! Next time then :)

Whew! I'm buying a cake stand next year :)

Happy eating! Happy Holidays!

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