Chocolate Meringue Trifle

So what do you do when you grow tired of eating all the chocolates and brownies that people have been sending to your house this Christmas?

You open the pantry, get a few more ingredients and make a yummy trifle!

For this delicious layered treat, I used brownies, a bar of chocolate with pistachios that's been our pantry for quite some time, and sweet meringues.

I specifically went to the grocery to buy some meringues. I've loved them since I was in grade school! They're toothachingly sweet. I'd buy them at the sari-sari store outside the school before hopping into the school bus :) I'm thinking of whipping up my own batch soon. That will be quite a challenge for sure!

To get basic instructions on how to make this trifle, check out my DIY article on here

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