Egg in a hole + English Bangers

 I've always wanted to make Eggs in a Hole. They look fun! Decided to put a little twist to it.

I made sumkinduva grilled cheese with arugula Egg in a Hole sammies. It's easy to make... if you're patient enough :)

Step 1: Slice bread (Used sourdough bread from Sophie's Mom. P80 for a fat loaf)
Step 2: Make holes in the bread (I used a wine glass)
Step 3: Layer cheese (I used Morbier- stinky and good! Thanks, Sam! ) and arugula
Step 4: Melt butter in a pan and heat one slice of bread. Place this on top of the other one.
Step 5: Melt more butter then place the complete sandwich in the pan.
Step 6: Crack the egg into the hole. (I used organic eggs from Pamora Farm)
Step 6. Season with salt and pepper.
Step 7: Set on to a plate and serve with "sidings" (for example, English Bangers)
Step 6: Enjoy this messy but yummy breakfast meal.

Whew! Yes, those are a lot of steps. I'm sure you can think of doing your own complicated twist to it too :) A Bacon, Honey, French toast sandwich Egg in a Hole perhaps?

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