It's more fun in the Philippines

Because everyone has a nanay/ tatay/ lolo/ lola/ tito/ tita/ amiga/ yaya who makes yummy food. Can I get a hell yeah? HELL YEAH!

In the Philippines, fresh seafood can be had whenever you want. 

You can cook it up yourself, go to a restaurant or go to Dampa where you can pick out the seafood yourself and have it cooked in a flash.

You can feast on Fresh Prawns and Steamed Crabs and enjoy them all the more by eating with your hands.

A hefty bowl of soup can warm you up even during the coldest of days.
Have you tried our Bulalo? The bone marrow part is the best!
Without the marrow, well then it just becomes Nilagang Baka.
Arrozcaldo is great when you're sick or drunk.
You can always find comfort in a bowl of Sinigang.

Because we burn, batter and torture eggplants before making them into a yummy dish.

We have silogs for breakfast.
And we continue to concoct whatever silogs that catch our fancy.

We love our saucy dishes. (Take Callos, Pochero for example) 
Because sauce lets the whole family enjoy bigger, longer meals. More sauce. More rice. More fun.

Every Filipino family makes "the best Adobo!"
Or so we all claim!

Don't you think it's fun?

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