Sophie's Mom Oreo Cheesecake Cookie

This cookie has been haunting me since last week.

Was walking around the neighborhood when I decided to drop by Sophie's Mom. Grabbed some bread, a couple of Frozen Brazo mochi ice cream balls, and a cookie. And that's when the problem started.

One bite and I was doomed. The outside is coated with crushed Oreos. The inside is a whole different story! Their Facebook page describes them as soft, moist cheesecake cookies with chocolate chips. Soft and moist alright. It tastes like that damn Oreo cream but thicker, yummier, more sinful! Uuuuugh! It's so damn good. I seriously felt bad after eating it. So much for my walking exercise! But it was just so damn good. I haven't felt this way for a cookie for a long time! (The last time was with Mom and Tina's Toffee Brickle cookies)

And like a crackhead on withdrawal, I've been trying to muster all my might not to run down the block to Sophie's Mom. Because I know I wouldn't be able to resist eating at least 3. Not kidding.

Sophie's Mom (also known as the sugar crackhouse)
8760 Santol St. San Antonio Village.

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