Achiote, Powerplant

We wanted to eat out for a change and we took a long time trying to decide where to go. The choices were Mexican, burgers, beer and pub food, or pizza.

But then this scene from Clueless popped into my head.
Cher: Great, what was that all about?
Josh: Lucy's from El Salvador.
Cher: So?
Josh: So, it's an entirely different country.

So off to Achiote we went.

Cyma and Charlie's are some of my favorite restaurants. Since Chef Robby Goco is the man behind Achiote Mexican Taqueria, we decided to give it a try.

Mike ordered the big ass burito on top. It's a Burrito with Barbacoa (braised beef), black beans, mexican rice, and salsa roja. (P350)

I ordered the Enchilada with Barbacoa (braised beef), cilantro lime rice, refried beans, salsa verde (P350). It had gooey cheese, sour cream and a lot of Mexican goodness.

The Barbacoa was soft and tender. But I must say that I liked Mike's Burrito more. Since he chose the black beans and Mexican rice, his dish was more flavorful than mine. I could taste the cilantro and lime in my rice, but the Mexican rice had more kick. Must remember that next time.

We also ordered Guacamole. We ordered it Naked (P155), which simply means that it comes with just tortilla chips and salsa.

I've really never tried guacamole before. Because for me, avocado should be enjoyed with globs and globs of condensed milk :) Childhood favorite1

But I did enjoy Achiote's guacamole. It was chunky and flavorful, and I found myself continuously spooning some into my Enchilada.

The chips were delicious. They were served warm. They were crunchy and not too salty. I bet Achiote makes their own tortilla chips/ nachos.

We also enjoyed the meal with bottles of Corona's with lime.

Our verdict?
Everything was yummy. We enjoyed the food. Especially the chips.

Mike said, Mas-favorite ko pa rin yung burritos sa JASMS.

Yes, folks. Our standard for Burrito is a cheap ass, P20 burrito of flimsy tortilla, shredded cabbage, strips of quickmelt cheese and ground beef scooped from a slow cooker, served at our elementary school canteen. Fancy, huh?

Honestly, I'd pay a thousand bucks just to eat that burrito again.

[EDIT: This restaurant has closed]

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