The carbonara of my childhood was from our school's canteen. The sauce was a mixture of all-purpose cream, quickmelt cheese, and bits of ham. It was delicious and satisfying to my young palate.

Now that I'm older, I've come to realize that the yummy pasta of my youth was just simply wrong! Dundundunduuuun! Now that I am able, I'm puffing up my culinary ego by making an "authentic" version. (What a food snob! hahaha)

First, you must get your hands on fresh, good quality ingredients.

Organic eggs are way more expensive than the regular white ones, but the eggs in this carbonara won't be fully cooked so organic ones are recommended for its flavor and freshness. Upon first bite, I thought that this was how eggs really are supposed to taste like. White eggs are just faint versions of organic eggs.

It's better that you use authentic parmesan, too. Or pecorino romano. None of the powdered stuff, please. (But if you're fine with that, then go ahead. It's your dish!)

To make this, you'll need:
organic eggs- I used Pamora Farm eggs from Santi's. 
parmesan cheese- shredded
ground black pepper
bacon- I used Mad Meats. Some recipes list Guancale which I've spotted in Brera and Santi's.

Cut bacon into small pieces. Fry bacon until it renders fat. 

In a separate pot, boil pasta until almost al dente. Drain but save some pasta water. 

Add the pasta to the pan with bacon and oil. Turn off the heat. Add the parmesan, and egg whites. Mix. Then add the eggs and keep on tossing the pasta till everything is coated with the golden sauce. You can add more parmesan and a bit of pasta water until the sauce reaches the consistency you want. Season with pepper and serve immediately. 

Be careful not to let the egg cook. Or else you'll end up with a Pasta Fritata!

This "authentic" carbonara is quite delicious! The luscious sauce coats the pasta beautifully. This is definitely a long way from the creamy carbonaras of my childhood.

I'm going to experiment making a squash carbonara next time :)

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