I've been ordering Gyuyakiniku Teishoku for years. And it has never ever failed me!

Yamazaki is a small Japanese grocery across from Makati Cinema Square. I don't remember when exactly we first went there to eat. All I know is we've been satisfied customers for more than 5 years.

The food must be really good and authentic because there are always groups of Japanese businessmen eating there all the time!

A set meal costs about P207 (back then, it was only P175!) and I always order the Gyu Yakiniku Teishoku. they have a lot of other items on the menu like tonkatsu, grilled fish, gyoza, beef curry, but the Gyu yakiniku Teishoku is my default order.

We've only ordered appetizers once. And we found that it was a big mistake. No, the gyoza wasn't bad. It was actually good. But with the amount of food already included in our set meals, we were more than stuffed to finish everything. Sayang!  

Gyu yakiniku is grilled meat marinated in soy sauce, mirin, and some other special ingredients. Yamazaki's version is spot on! The meat is thin and tender, and the sauce is just sooooo good.

The set includes a bowl of steamed Japanese rice, soft, fluffy and delicious (Japanese rice always make me want to eat more!) and 3 side dishes- miso soup, pickled cabbage (far milder than Korean kimchi) and stewed meat and veggies. This time it was potatoes and beef. One time, they gave me a piece of fish (I gave that to Mike!) but most of the time, the side dish is made of radish, mushroom and chicken. I prefer the mushroom option more! But you can't choose. You're supposed to enjoy whatever they have for the day.

I absolutely love the mayo spaghetti that comes with the meal. Yes, it sounds really weird. The noodles aren't al dente but they're not super soggy either. They're just right. You must mix them with the cabbage salad and brown sauce and beef enjoy the perfect bite. Yum!

The meal also comes with cold rice tea, which the servers refill every few minutes. For P200+, you'll surely enjoy sulit meals at Yamazaki!

While you're there, check out the grocery section for mochi balls (my favorite are the big ones that come in pack of twos for P75), Japanese sweets, CC Lemon and a whole lot more.

Yamazaki Ramen House and Grocery
2288 Fernando St. Pio del Pilar, Makati

It's located at the street in between Little Tokyo and Makati Cinema Square. A few doors away from Seryna. 

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