Brunch in Singapore

To thank our hosts in Singapore, I baked some ribs for Sunday Brunch.

Walked to the neighborhood supermarket to buy some supplies. Good thing the ribs were bigger than what I usually buy in Manila. And it came with chunks of meat clinging to the bones, too!

Here's a breakdown of the things I made!

Barbecue Ribs with sauce made of a combination of garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, cayenne pepper, lime, and honey. Didn't have time to marinate so I kept on basting the ribs with the sauce. That did the trick. Turbo baked it in about 2 hours!

Honey Butter Carrots. I boiled some carrots, then added a knob of butter and a dollop of honey. Yum!

Caramelized Red Onions. Chopped a bag of onions and sauteed them in a pan drizzled with a bit of oil.

Creamed Spinach. Washed 2 bags of spinach. Chopped them. Added them to a pan with browned garlic and butter. Then added a splash of milk. You can substitute cream, of course.

And since I was afraid the food wouldn't be enough for 8 people, I whipped up a batch of Brown Butter Garlic Pasta. I just boiled some pasta then added it to a hot pan with chopped garlic and butter.

I was relieved that the portions were just right! For dessert, we had brownies baked by CIL and SIL topped with Wall's chocolate ice cream with chocolate bits. YUM!

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