Marché, Singapore

I first got to experience  Marché  about 5 years ago. I was part of a press trip hosted by the Singapore Tourism Board. It was a fun trip, especially since I met this crazy columnist from Davao, Jinggoy, who was my picture whoring soulmate.

I loved  Marché! Marché was one of my favorite parts of that trip :) So this time around, when the CIL (cousin-in-law) suggested we eat at Marché , I was first to say 'YEY!'

Marché is a chain of Swiss Restaurants and they did go all out with the Swiss-themed decor. You'll feel like you're in a Swiss Chalet! Or make that a village.

Upon entering, you're given a card that the servers will swipe whenever you order something from the different food stations. And then you pay upon exiting. There's the Rosti station, Soup, Salad, Grill/ Meats, Pizza, Beverages, and Dessert. There are so many options you'll tend to get overwhelmed (and lost!) at some point.

After circling the stations for about 3 times, I decided to order some Rosti with Gravlax Salmon. Rostis are potato pancakes that are quickly fried in cast iron pans, flopped on to a plate, and topped with a dollop of sour cream. At the line, you get to pick some lemon slices and some chopped chives so you can add more flavors to your dish.

Mike ordered Roast Beef. The mashed potatoes were so creamy, and the gravy was packed with flavor.

The rest of the family ordered Rostis with Sausages (not photogenic!), Mushroom soup, and some Savory Crepes.

We each ordered what we wanted, but ate family-style so we all got to taste everything :) For drinks, I got a Bundaberg Rootbeer while the others got Gingerbeer.

I love Marche! And I think you will too.

If you get the chance to visit, be ready to spend about S$30- 35 per person.

Check out Marché's website here

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