Seafood Saturday at Jumbo, Singapore

From The Shady Shack, we went straight to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant. In true backpacker fashion, we trooped in with our big backpacks, loose clothing, flipflops, uncombed hair, and shades. We felt that we'd lose our reservation if we dropped off our stuff at home first, and frankly, after the 3+ hour trip from Indonesia, we were famished!

We ordered Jumbo's signature dish, Chili Crab, washed our hands, tied on our Jumbo Restaurant bibs, and ate with much gusto! The portion was huge and meaty! And we really enjoyed the chili sauce! We ordered Fried Buns to go with it and we kept on ordering basketfuls more throughout dinner. Why let good sauce go to waste! You have to use the buns to sop up the glorious sauce :) I think by the end of the meal, we ate about 26 buns! Haha!

We also ordered the Salted Egg Golden Prawns. Delish! Plump prawns are coated with lip smacking-ly good salted duck egg sauce and placed in some sort of basket. Sadly we weren't able to make the most out of the sauce since we didn't notice the servers picking the plate up! Booo!

I will attempt to make Prawns with Salted Egg at home!

We also devoured an order of Cereal Prawns. We were already on guard battling off the server's quick cleaning reflexes! I think we amused them by saying "No!" whenever they'd ask if they could take away the plates. (Hello, that plate still had yummy cereal on it!) We'd tear some Fried Buns, dip it in Chili Crab sauce, then dip it into the left over cereal on the plate. Yum!

We super satisfied after our finger-lickin', messy meal!

Our bill came out to about S$260 for 6 people. Thanks to SIL and BIL for the treat!

Visit Jumbo Restaurant's website here 

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