There's this gem of a Japanese restaurant in our neighborhood. Been living in San Antonio Village for more than 2 years and I just ate at Tonkutsuya a few weeks ago. What a shame!

Tonkasuya is a small restaurant at the basement of Palm Tower. And apparently, it's quite popular with the Japanese living in Manila. The Tonkatsu is their best seller. The set meal costs P190 and comes with a big bowl of Japanese rice, sauteed bean sprouts, a side salad, sauce, and a smudge of yellow radish. You get a complimentary glass of rice tea too. Very refreshing!

The Tonkatsu is cooked perfectly. Crunchy on the outside, moist and soft in the inside. I hate tonkatsus that are fried to a crisp with the coating scratching the ceiling of my mouth! I hate that feeling.

Tonkatsuya's version is just right. Oh and notice that smudge of yellow radish/ wasabi on the side. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE ITS POWER! The best way I can describe it is "Tagos hanggang utak!!!" When translated into English, it means "It goes straight to your brain!!!"

Yes, that is the sensation you will feel when you dab too much of it on your pork. Oh yes, it makes the Tonkatsu even more delicious but remember that you have been warned.

Tonkatsu goodness
I also got to order Katsudon. A set costs P220. It was soft and flavorful, with the sauce trickling down to the plump Japanese rice. Yum!

This definitely satisfied my Katsudon craving!

Now I have a new go-to place whenever I'm craving for some Tonkatsu!

Tonkatsuya is located at Palm Tower B, St. Paul Rd., San Antonio Village, Makati. It's a street away from Pasong Tamo- Bagtikan area.
Phone No: 896-1990

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