Cled'or Korean Ice Cream

The weather has been crazy lately! Been taking 3 showers a day. And I've been eating way more ice cream than I should.

The other night, we had a yummy dinner at our favorite Korean hole-in-the-wall (must write an entry about that soon), and for dessert we decided to stop by Wang Mart. Aside from the usual Korean "fish ice cream", I also grabbed a couple of this Magnum-looking ice cream bars. They're called Cled'or and they're 50 bucks each.

The chocolate with walnut coating is thick and yummy. A bit dark- and that makes me very happy.

The espresso ice cream is light and refreshing. It almost tastes like a coffee smoothie.

With this unbearable heat we've been having, don't be surprised if you finish it in less than 30 seconds. I always do.

Wang Mart is located at Polaris st. Bel Air, Makati 
(At the red light district, booyeah!)
Check your neighborhood Korean grocery for yummy ice cream!

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