Casino French Ice Cream

At Shopwise Pasong Tamo, they have this ice cream freezer right by the check out counter. There were tubs of Sara Lee ice cream, but what caught my eye was this box of Casino Ice Cream.
From what I've observed at the grocery, Casino is some sort of supermarket brand from France. They sell a variety of  canned goods, bottled veggies, sauces and such.

Because of my impulse-buying tendencies, I've found out that their ice cream is really yummy too!

This Magnum-looking one is vanilla ice cream enrobed in a yummy white chocolate shell. The ice cream in really dense and creamy and has actual vanilla bean flecks. The white chocolate is thick and not cloyingly sweet. It tastes sushal!

The best thing about it is a box of 3 is only priced P107!

I've spotted this in Rustan's Greenbelt 1, too. I've been planning on tasting the other variants as well. I have my eye on the Dark Chocolate and Coco ice cream bars, and the Cornetto-looking ones that come in Pistacchio flavor!

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