Warung-Warung Indonesian

This is what I've been eating every Sunday for the past 2 months. Ok, not every Sunday. I ate piri-piri chicken 3 times :)

That's Ayam Goreng with Nasi Goreng. Packet 6 from the Warung-Warung Indonesian stall at the Legaspi Village Market. I LOVE IT!
The fried chicken is marinated in some spice rub that includes turmeric. It is topped with fried onions (or shallots) and paired with eggplant and chili sauce, fritters, and nasi goreng. It is surely packed with flavor! YUM! And for about P120 for a set meal, it's such a steal!

Here are some of our other faves.

Urap. Spicy steamed veggies with grated coconut. About P40. I've never enjoyed wing beans before trying urap!

Beef Rendang served with white rice. You might be thinking that the serving is too small, but the meat is very flavorful and the sauce is super spicy. This is Mike's default order!

I love the Jagung perdekel (corn fritters). They're hot and fresh and so flavorful. You can buy them individually, but we're so happy that it already comes with our fave set.

Head on to Legaspi Market and get your Indonesian food fix :) Open every Sunday (except special holidays) from about 8am to 2pm. Legaspi Market has a more laid-back vibe compared to Salcedo :) Live drumbeats liven up the mood a bit! :)

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