Cibo is one of my favorite restaurants. Years ago, I fell in love with the spinach dip. Eventually, the Crema di Zucca (squash soup, P185) became my fave order. "One squash soup, please. Split into two!"

In this previous entry, I share my version of the squash soup. It's easy to make, but I still head on to Cibo for some bowl of comfort.

At some point, I started ordering the Maiale Arosto Panini (about P200). I fell in love with the flavors of the provolone cheese, roast pork tenderloin, zucchini and tuna mayo.

The potato chips and the tuna mayo on the side add even more flavor to the sandwich. I love it! The great thing is you can buy bags and bottles of this. Yum!

Mike always orders the Pollo Arrosto Limone (roast chicken with parsley rice pilaf; P338). When I'm super hungry I either order this or the Osso Buco.

I was inspired to cook roast chicken because of this dish. This has always been my peg! The flavors are spot on. Just the perfect balance of lemon, pepper and rosemary. The rice pilaf is really good too. It makes me want to eat more than a cup every time!

See the zucchini on the photo on the left? They are to die for! A simple drizzle of balsamic make the zucchini so yummy. I actually started eating this vegetable because of Cibo! They exposed my palate to something so simple yet delicious.

Our other favorites are the Spinaci Zola (spinach and gorgonzola dip served with melba toast), Insalata di Manzo (greens, roasted beef tendeloin, and rosemary balsamic vinaigrette), Lombatine di Maiale (roast porkchop).

This month marks the 15th anniversary of Cibo, truly one of my fave restaurants. I was ecstatic to hear that they're offering their best-sellers at 1997 prices!

Tomorrow (August 18), the Crema di Zucca will be offered for only P95. Guess where we're having lunch!

Find out more about the promo through Cibo's Facebook page.

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