Lusso is my new favorite "special occasion restaurant".

This is the place to go to when you have time to spare and just want to enjoy life. It's where you can just talk and lounge around while slowly enjoying delicious food and flutes of bubbly.

I am still craving for the Lobster and Prawn roll photographed on top. The bread was so soft, the seafood generously coated with a yummy dressing. It was divine.

Potato chips drizzled with truffle oil is simple yet decadent. One bite and you'll be convinced that this is how potato chips should be.

Mike ordered the Demi pound Burger, succulent beef with foie gras. The special ingredient is mixed in with the burger so you won't really be able to detect it immediately, but boy, it is delicious.

We enjoyed the meal with a bottle of sparkling wine. It's name escapes me right now, but it was the cheapest one listed on the menu, but it was GREAT! Reasonably priced at P1000. Not pretentious. Just simple, delicious and easy to drink. I wish I can order it for take away!

We finished our meal with a pecan tart. Simple and tasty.

The prices at Lusso may be deemed fit for the occasional splurge, but seriously, it is worth every penny.

We felt high eating at Lusso. It's an unexplainable, happy, wonderful sensation I'd like to feel again. It may have been the bubbly. Or it may have been the foie gras. Our Lusso experience made us feel like we were floating in air.

I love Lusso and I can't wait to go back. For a few hours, you just sit back and enjoy the decadent food in front of you as the waiters in white suits top up your glass of sparkling wine. Simply glorious. You'll leave wishing that every meal could be as delicious and as wonderful as this.

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