Mr. Jones' Tapa Overload

I love tapa! A plateful of tapsilog brings together a lot of my favorite food items- beef, vinegar, garlic, rice, and eggs. Mr. Jone's U.S. Beef Ribcap "Tapa and Garlic Overload" is a decadent version of this favorite Filipino set meal. At P295, it's one of the cheapest things on the restaurant's menu. The servings are huge (good for 2 people, in my opinion), and the flavors are right on.

I love that the beef is tender, fatty and succulent. I douse it with spoonfuls of vinegar (I always ask for another serving), and enjoy it with Mr. Jones' achara (pickled papaya). Eggs are always ordered cooked sunny side up. I like to mix vinegar with the runny yolks.

Every few months or so, I get an urge to get my tapa fix. It's one of my comfort foods. And even though one big servings leaves me with a headache sometimes (oh, cholesterol!), I always find an excuse to enjoy up to the last morsel.

Mr. Jones is located at the ground level of Greendbelt 5. Tel. No. 501-3111

[EDIT: This restaurant is closed. RIP!]

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