Project Pasta: Second Attempt

When we were choosing items for our gift registry at Rustan's, a pasta maker was one of the top things I wanted to receive. Luckily, our good friend Lala bought it for us! Woot woot!

My first attempt came out tasting like lomi! Hahahahahaha! I followed a recipe in a culinary book gifted by my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. I even bought semolina flour from Healthy Options. But apparently, I rolled out the pasta too thick!

This second batch came out a bit better. I still need to get the hang of rolling the pasta thinly and separating them immediately once they come out of the cutter. It tasted good but I know it still needs a bit of work :)

To make the pasta pictured above, fry chorizo slices and chopped bacon. Add asparagus, season with pepper, add cooked pasta then toss. It's a delicious combination! To make it even better, sprinkle cheese on top.

This is such an easy pasta dish to make. Making fresh pasta, however, isn't as easy as I'd want it to be! But I have a feeling that third time's the charm :)

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