Ramen Yushoken

I'm not a ramen person. The ramen of my choice comes pre-packed in plastic wrappers with Nissin written on it.

Ramen Yushoken didn't exactly change my mind, but the new ramen joint did entice me to eat 2 bowls in a span of one month. That's a big leap, I tell you. Especially because of it's location! Though I live in Makati, to me, Alabang still feels far, far away!
Ramen Yushoken's noodles were the magic ingredient that made me enjoy my bowl of ramen. I've tried a couple of ramens in other places before, and this was the first time that I actually ate most of the noodles! Others were thick and bland, while these were of the right consistency for me.

I enjoyed the Miso Ramen's, flavorful broth, the fatty and soft pork and especially the pungent  bamboo shoots. I love bamboo shoots! I would, however, prefer a bit more miso flavor, and perhaps a dash of salt and pepper, too.
I ordered the Shoyu Ramen on my second visit. My colleagues and I were there at 11 AM and we were actually the second group in line. The store only makes a limited number of bowls a day, so if ever you're in the area around opening time (11AM and 5PM), then by all means grab the opportunity to enjoy a bowl. We had a shoot in the area that day, and of course, we just had to have lunch first! Aside from our ramens, we also ordered the Karaage (fried chicken served with lemon and salt on the side) and Aji Tamago (soft boiled eggs), and Gyoza (dumplings). I suggest that you stick to just the ramen since it will really fill you up.

Some people say they enjoy the Miso Ramen more, but to me it's the Shoyu that will entice me to go back. The sesame oil and pepper really adds more flavor to the broth, and the slice of pork really melts in your mouth.

At about P390 a bowl, it's a good treat I'd wholeheartedly splurge on once in a while. I'm still not a full-fledged fan of ramen, but Ramen Yushoken has exposed my taste buds to the fact that there is good ramen to be had out there.

Ramen Yushoken is located at Molito, Madrigal Ave. Alabang.
Visit their Facebook page here

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