Tart Flambé

We featured a French Onion tart by Namee Jorolan (of Pinoy Eats World) in Yummy's November issue. It was sooooo delicious, I was inspired to make tarts from then on!

Tarts can look a bit intimidating, but they're incredibly easy to make. Feel free to play around with whatever ingredients you want. Use ingredients that are already in your kitchen!

The photo on top shows a Chorizo and Malasimbo kesong puti tart with baby rocket :)

To make this, you'll need these basic ingredients.
- sheets of puff pastry from Santi's (about P400 for a pack with 4 or 5 sheets)
- 1 egg
- chorizo
- 3 tablespoons of cheese- Use whatever you have. I used this yummy Malasimbo kesong puti available at the Salcedo Market
- baby rocket- You can use spinach or arugula

I'd rather let you determine how much cheese and chorizo you'd like. If you're in a diet, then put a minimum amount of toppings. If you're feeling hungry, then put the whole chorizo and lots of cheese!

Lay a sheet of puff pastry in a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Dock the pastry (use a fork to prick the puff pastry so it will have holes for steam pass through). 

In a small bowl, whisk eggs with a bit of water. Use a pastry brush to brush the puff pastry with the egg wash. Crumble the chorizo and the cheese, and scatter on top. 

Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes in a 400F oven until the pastry puffs and turns golden brown. Take out of the oven. Add baby rocket. Slice and serve warm!

Some recipes call for the egg wash to be brushed just on the sides. Others also like to put a bit of cream, but this is my short cut, less hassle version.

The second tart on top is a Caramelized Onion and Brie tart drizzled with Truffle Honey. Yup! You read that right. I have a thing for brie and honey! Truffle honey takes it to an entirely different level. Oh and the caramelized onions are divine! YUM!

To make caramelized onions, you'll need:
- about 2 cups on thinly sliced onions
- small stick of butter 
- a lot of patience! haha!

Add butter to the frying pan. Add the onions and stir. Let the onions cook for about 20 to 30 minutes, stirring occasionally and making sure that the onions do not turn burn. The onions will have a lovely dark brown color. 

If you notice, the onions on top aren't that caramelized. You'll still have a yummy tart even if you rush things, but with a little more patience, you'll be rewarded with onion jam that will really add a whole different flavor profile to your dish. :)

Tarts are so easy to make! And it's technically more healthy than ordering some greasy pizza :) Don't you agree?

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