Va Bene at BGC

For years I've been reading how Va Bene is the best Italian resto in Manila. Last week, I was finally able to try it out and judge for myself. 

VaBene's second branch is located at the new Central Square on the edge of the Bonifacio High Street. The mall is run by SSI Inc., and houses the first Pottery Barn in Manila. Makes for a great mall run in my opinion.

Located by the cinemas on the 3rd floor, the restaurant itself is quite compact. Seating can feel a bit tight. I believe this was also the main concern about their other branch at the gasoline station by Dasma. But the food definitely makes up for it.

Let it be known. VaBene's Veal Cheeks Ravioli are absolutely delicious! Tasty and succulent cubes of veal are carefully encased in perfectly handmade fresh pasta, and bathed in an earthy portobello mushroom cream sauce. Oh and the drizzling of truffle oil? It's just the right touch. Not heavy handed nor overwhelming. Just right. Perfect.

It is one heavenly dish I can enjoy over and over again. If you're to order just one thing, order this! 


Scratch that.

You need to order dessert, too.

Looking over the menu, there were enticing desserts like panna cota, and profiteroles with ice cream, but I was craving for a classic. We ordered the Tiramisu (P250).

One spoonful and it dawned on me that that was how tiramisus were meant to be. It was the most delicious tiramisu I had ever had. The lady fingers were lightly dipped (not drowned!) in espresso. Bits of amaretti cookies added a delightful crunch. The mascarpone cream, light and not sweet. 

It was a great end to a delightful meal. 

Those aren't words I throw around often. Have you ever had dinner at a new resto, and wished so hard that the food would be great. Because you read about it on a blog. Or you've seen countless Instagram posts of food you couldn't wait to taste for yourself. But lo and behold, you go to the resto (not an entirely easy feat considering the infant attached to your body), eat the food you've been wanting to taste, and bleh, the food sucked. This meal was not one of those.

Needless to say, the trip to VaBene was a very pleasurable one. The servers were quite attentive and my water glass never reached half empty. We also ordered a black ink tagliolini with mixed seafood and marinara sauce, and a pizza with cheese and prosciutto, but the two dishes mentioned above are the ones that will forever be imprinted in my mind.

I will be back for more ravioli and tiramisu, VaBene. Perhaps to enjoy two orders of each all by myself!

VaBene is located at the 3/F Central Square, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig, and 2/F Petron station, EDSA corner Pasay Road, Makati. Visit for details.

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