JY Fire Bricks

I've always been interested in buying a brick oven. The thought of tossing pizzas in the backyard and baking it bubbling hot in minutes has always appealed to the wanna-be domestic diva in me. When I found out that we were going to feature a brick oven manufacturer, I asked my teammate Idge if I could tag along on his shoot.

We headed to Cubao and once we entered the gates of the JY Firebricks headquarters, we were completely blown away. It was simply charming!

Mike and I were looking at a property similarly laid out to this one, so I couldn't help but imagine the possibilities.

I loved how the place was so simple and homey. You could feel that it was a place where good friends congregated for good laughs and good food.

The owners made us feel at home, and prepared a wonderful spread for us under the trees. We enjoyed homemade pizzas, succulent fall of the bone ribs, delectable roast chicken, and baked potatoes and array of other veggies. We were so overhwhelmed because we weren't expecting such a lovely lunch. Our photographer Miguel blurted out "Guys, this is the happiest day of my life!" It was that kind of meal.

For the oven demonstration, we were asked to make our own pizzas. We waited no more that 5 minutes while they baked to crispy perfection.

The oven temperature can be fired up to high temperatures. It doesn't feel hot so hot even if you stand a few feet away from it. It's smokeless, and efficiently uses charcoal. Seriously, I was more than sold!

The owners used to run a ceramic factory, but that industry wasn't lucrative enough anymore. Their son suggested they make brick ovens, and asked if he could throw a party for his friends. After some trial and error, JY Fire Bricks Oven is a big success-- and their homemade pizza crust is spot on! Their pugons can be found in a number of restaurants all over the Philipines.

The oven I wanted was priced at P16,000. Sadly, I had to put my plans of buying it on hold since I think We need a house with a backyard to enjoy the fully enjoy the oven. Our condo balcony just isn't going to cut it. 

When we finally get our dream house, I'm ordering a big customized oven for sure! Oh, I can just imagine all the glorious food we'd be able to make.

Learn more about JY Fire Bricks by visiting www.jyfirebricks.com.

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