Me time at Lusso

When I became a mom, I finally understood why parents keep on stressing that me time is important. 

I had the opportunity to have a leisurely lunch in between running errands, so I instinctively headed to one of my favorite restaurants, Lusso.

I've always had a problem ordering something else from my default order at my go-to places. I take time to look over the menu, but I always go back to my tried-and-tested dish. However, this time around I had bottarga added to my favorite lobster and river prawn roll. Baby steps! 

I had some oysters, too. They were fresh and plump. It was served along with condiments and French butter and salt you can put on pieces of lovely toast. 

The prosseco was the highlight of my lunch. Ah, so fancy and civilized! A nice, much-needed break from wrangling an energetic toddler.

Lusso is located at Greenbelt 5, Makati. Call 756 5893 for reservations. Oyster and bubble specials are currently on offer, starting at P369++.

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