Handmade donuts by The Dough Supply

An Instagram post made me make impromptu plans to make a trip to SM Aura. 

Whenever Yummy magazine posts photos the delicious-looking donuts by Flour Jar Manila, a mad craving always hits me. The other day while checking Instagram, I saw that the Las Pinas-based maker of the yummy donuts were going to be at a bazaar in SM Aura, I knew I just had to get myself together (and finally pay my Philhealth contributions at the satellite office), and get buy a dozen. Whether it was for sharing or not was still to be determined.

I was there by 10AM (I was able to finish my Philhealth errand in less 30 minutes. Woot!), but they set up their booth around 12 noon. There were two people in front of me. The girl in front let her friend order a box, while a man and I waited patiently. Then this sneaky lady skipped the line, went direct to the assistant on the side who weirdly enough gave her donuts. I thought she was just inquiring! When it was my turn, I got left with one piece of Berries and Cream, one piece of Vanilla Bean, and some Creme Brulee, Boston Cream, Pistachios, Salted Caramel, and Almond varieties to choose from. 

They were delish! Simple. Soft. The custard was divine. They're just like how I'd want my homemade donuts to taste if I had the discipline and skill to make them myself! Haha!

I hope that sneaky lady enjoyed her donuts, too. I just kept on thinking that maybe she had a worse day than the crazy week I had and just needed a sugar high to make things better.

These donuts were an absolute pick-me-up. I think I'm ordering more in the very near future.

Check out their Facebook page here. Or text 09175075124.

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